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When a underground file ripping crew purposely removes one or more archives of a release, rendering it useless.
*Nuked File* = I just downloaded 2 gigabytes for nothing, FUCK!
by I Just Juiced Your Fruit April 11, 2006
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The act of getting so completely swole that your body resembles a mushroom cloud
Person 1: Bro did you see Brian lately?
Person 2: Dude he's looking NUKED
by scoishdarealmaloish October 16, 2019
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NUKED (warez)

A cracked game, game DLC, video release may be NUKED for several reasons. It may be because the group responsible for the release requested it, or there may be something actually wrong with the release. When a release is nuked, a permanent mark is placed on it, and it stops being actively promoted or distribited. Often, a “REPACK” will follow from the same group, fixing the problems, or another group may release a “PROPER”.

When a "warez" scene member’s release is nuked, managers of the topsites and other distributors obliged to warn their users of the nuking, and the reasons for it. The user responsible for the release can lose respect in the community, and may also be punished in the form of a ban or fine of “credits” within various topsites.
SKIDROW Deus Ex Mankind Divided - NUKED
This release was nuked.
by Vispooh March 03, 2017
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Equivalent to strong, jacked, swoll, yolked, etc.
"Dude, there was this guy at the gym yesterday, who was totally nuked."
by FirePenguinDiscoPanda March 10, 2014
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What happens to something (or someone) that gets so utterly destroyed or blown up that, no matter what, cannot possibly be in any worse condition.

in other words, completely dicintigrated from existence.
player 1: dude, I used the shoop da whoop gun on it, and it disappeared.
player 2: u completely nuked it, dude.
by pr1nn13s September 07, 2009
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Predominantly applicable to alcoholics, amphetamine users and junkies.

Someone who is clearly permanently damaged from excessive drug abuse

Also known as Perma-Cooked
Deevon used to use for 6 years straight, that cunt is nuked.

Jenny used to thrash the pingers, she went full nuke.
by LsdP October 30, 2014
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