Something unique that really defines you as a person.
Hating Britney spears is not a personality trait, having rhinitis is!
by March 7, 2019
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a unique thing that define someone’s character.
“having a phat ass isn’t a personality trait, stacy!”
by phatjuicyass06 April 28, 2020
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Something that doesn't exist in reality, life is nothing more than an unbreakable illusion that we kid ourselves with. Telling ourselves that we matter, that we're unique and special while truthfully, we are nothing more than mirrors in the eyes of ourselves. Life is nothing more than a lesson we must teach ourselves, whether its something big or small. You must learn something from life for life to end.
You use it to fool yourselves that you are special. personality trait
by K1R1T0K1llM3 August 6, 2020
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A personality trait is often thought of as labels you conform to (e.g. introvert/extrovert, shy/sociable), but really it should be thought of as something which makes a person unique.

In other words, personality traits refers to the idiosyncrasies of an individual.
Example 1: Brianna hated wearing braces in her middle to high school years, but ultimately it became her personality trait as it defined who she was.

Example 2: Being a night owl is a personality trait

Example 3: Having an odd and unusual kink is a personality trait as it is highly idiosyncratic
by UwUltimateDoge August 6, 2020
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Something that us part of your personality but its bad
my toxic personality trait is that i enjoy leading people on
by frankgallaghersdeadliver December 7, 2020
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