1. Alphonse is the nicest guy you'll ever meet and is usually a big fan of cats.

2. The best person you'll ever meet, especially if you're a family member.

3. The perfect child
"Maybe if I name this one Alphonse, he won't turn out like his brother."
by EckleE March 16, 2010
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An alphonse is a pimp, a procurer. The word originated in Poland, because of a popular play by Alexander Dumas, the Younger called "Monsieur Alphonse". In many countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Poland the name is seldom used to name a baby. Please refer to Cassell's dictionary, or Wicktionary.
We ate alfresco in what turned out to a seedy part of town as our meal was always being interrupted by some alphonse, who wanted to parade his street walkers before us.
by Hugo Drax June 26, 2018
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Colloquial term (cockney rhyming slang) used to describe someone who displays effeminate (gay) characteristics, Alphonse the Ponce.

Dude look that guy, he's such an Alphonse.
Source: Jamie Eastes, hastings
Dude look at that guy, he's such an Alphonse.

by Jamie Eastes June 11, 2007
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All about the pelvic thrust motion. Dip your hips back and forth like an absolute champ until she cream eggs all over the place.
I gave that wee tart the Alphonse dip last night, she fucking loved it.
by theneshmeister April 10, 2015
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1. The younger brother of Edward Elric in the Anime of Fullmetal Alchemist.

2. The soul of whom was bound to a suit of armor.

3. ZOMG!! who DOSENT <3 ARU?!?!
"Brother, You Retard~!!!"
by HagaRen March 9, 2005
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hoe shames

always to busy to hang
makes fun of rhotism
discord daddy
always wants me to cashapp him

breaks others tailbones

overall a poopy head
woah dude that’s a little egg boi alphonse of you
by madelynforwhat December 31, 2022
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