To sue for damages, seeking compensation for the slightest violation of rights. Often this involves the prosecution not having common sense. See nanny state, political correctness, idiot.
Suing a cigarette company because you got cancer, which may have been caused by the smokes. Because there was no clear warning, despite it being well known they are dangerous to health(documentation dates to world war I), the prosecution claims she was not aware and sues for billions of dollars.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 26, 2004
A commitment or obligation to keep the good word. If not met it may result in a litany of saints.
He had many litigations to keep or it was off with his head.
by Word Scout Camper #26 May 21, 2007
What 99.9% of today's modern hip hop and R&B singers find themselves tied up in
This just in, rapper Lil Boosie finds himself in litigation again after punching out a fan at one of his concerts
by Metallicajunkie October 24, 2018
Even though this is a legal term, In northern california circles this word can mean 2 things: relaxing, lounging around, chilling out, etc -or- (when used with the question "what") going on, happening, up.
This term is usually used as the a greeting in this form:

"Yo! Sup parry, what's litigaten'?"
-Hey! how are you my friend, what are you doing right now?

And the normal response for that question must use the same word! like so:

"oh, you know, just litigations"
-Well, typical, I'm just relaxing.

The next part of the question goes like this:

"Aight,well then what's litigaten for tonite?"
-I see, what are your plans for tonite?

"I'm bout to jus' litigate"
-No plans really, just more relaxing.
by Jedd Rizzun December 7, 2004
Legendary Internet warrior/warrior technique, who's origins date back to the turn of the second millennium. The Litigator technique combines traditional methods of offense and defense such as the use of italics, bold font, underlining and font size. A master of the technique will infuse use of misdirection, vague humor, diversion, "the flip", misaccusations, misquotations, confusion, and truths turned falsehoods. To engage in Internet battle with Marsad can be extreme or mild. Should a battle continue more than a week, Litigator will employ the final and most discplined method of outwording an opponent.
Warrior One: Golf is more difficult than fishing

Litgator Warrior: Golf is is similar to racing, with the golf player being the driver and the clubs being the engine. With that, it is nearly impossible to construe golf and fishing are anything alike, except that fishing and golf both take patience and skill, and both hobbies are expensive which make them similar. Professionales exist and compete in both sports, as well as amateurs, yet racing and fishing as you said, are very different with increasing similarities after close examination.

Warrior One: That's not what I said.

Litigator Warrior: That is exactly (bolded, intalicized & underlined) what you said.
by goatworthy July 16, 2010
The act of two, or more, rival male suitors attempting to convince a would be companion of their sexual superiority and why they should be selected for a sexual encounter.
After three hours of heated barroom cock litigation, and despite the testimony of several eyewitnesses, David failed to make a persuasive case and Sheila decided to go home with Walter.
by Lamont Walker May 13, 2016
Legal Term. Bullshitting your way through litigation.

Knowing he would lose the case on the facts, Cornelius was forced to employ ASSWIPE litigation tactics.
by Melissa Lynne January 17, 2008