AKA : the triumphant return of the Super Nintendo!
"The GBA is 32-bit, but the games remind me of the glorious ol' days of the Super Nintendo....^_^ ^_^ ^_^ "
by Dave June 14, 2004
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A handheld 32-bit gaming console that you can take anywhere.

Nintendo's newest handheld gaming console.
GBC, GB Origianl.
by wud_e July 5, 2002
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A handheld console, manufactured by Nintendo. Powered by a 32-bit MIPS processor, it is the most powerful handheld console to date. The screen lacks a backlight, so it is very hard to use in dark areas. Several lights are available to make the screen more readable.
My Gameboy Advance is out of batteries.
by Stage 9 April 22, 2003
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Herald to the renaissance of video games. Scourge of the 3D world. Competitor of home consoles. Object of envy to Sony and N-Gage fanboys.
Teh GAYBOY LAME-ASS is teh sux0rs cuz it has kiddy game lyk pOkemon and sonic. Evry1 noes dat grafix and overdone stories is what makes teh good game.
by Solieyu December 30, 2004
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Basically everyone's childhood if they were ages 3-12 in 2001-2004. This system is hailed for having the best version of the best game of every Nintendo game series, Metroid, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and almost any other series you can think of; even the not so well known ones like Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap are still thought of as great games. Not to mention it's good battery life and small size to add to it's portability.
Everyone got the DS, but I just stuck with my Gameboy Advance.
by JoetheMiner September 21, 2015
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A handheld gaming system.
An upgrade to the previous GameBoy Advance.
Features a back-light,
rechargable battery,
32-megabit,I believe,processer,
incredible graphics,
a massive library of games(library spans 8 years),
8 buttons,
volume control,
light switch,
and the games can easily be switched.
An attachment can be purchased so it can hold 4 games at one.
One of the best hand-helds to date.
Me:I just bought a GBASP.
Friend:Cool.I just bought one too!
by May March 27, 2004
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1. a device designed to waste the time of anyone who is loser enough to blow 100 bucks on it, not including the games.
1. some people waste so much time playing game advanced SP, it makes me want to poop on their heads.
2. I can't belive how much time the guy who wrote the other definition of this word must have wasted on research for this bullshit.
by John Sherman May 5, 2005
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