say i need a talking with
someone who knows
tell em what it feels like
or when it hurts

the sky she looks upon
the roaring seas
does anybody ever hear
what she hears

nowhere near
no-o-owhere near
nowhere near
no-no-o-where near

a flesh i can get used to
a bone to touch
this road they talk about
well it don't mean that much

beyond the happy times
beyond spring and fall
he's hiding just like you
like me like all

nowhere near
no-o-owhere near
nowhere near

no-no-owhere near
living means giving in
when you can't go
and desire is the fire
burning on the low

burning slow
and nobodys nowhere near
swallow whole
no-no-owhere near

nowhere near
no-o-owhere near
nowhere near
by Krkič May 4, 2020
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Any result from a transaction that was disappointing.

Not getting what you wanted or expected from something.
What did you get for the Beemer in the end?

£3 large
Nowhere near the asking then! (Car on sale for £4500)

What was she like on the blowjobs?
Nowhere near the asking - about 6/10
Goose then!

I'm going nowhere near the asking on those Glasto tickets I'd sooner watch it on telly!
by Yesyoucangoto March 16, 2016
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