A program that is ran off of a computer Which acts as a Video game system.You can download these for any system.You play roms on them which are also known as games.Emulators are not illeagal but the roms are.It says to keep them for 24hours then delete but its like napster nothing will happen.This is an excellent way to try out a new video game or to play through it
Visaul Boy Advance is an Emulator for Game Boy Advance
by Rocafella May 23, 2004
A wonderful device that lets you play the video games you grew up with. Examples include ZSNES (best SNES emulator ever), GENS (Best Genesis emulator ever), and Mekaw (Best Game Gear/SMS emulator ever). The game images (ROMS as they're called) are downloaded separately. The emulator reads the ROM file, and activates it. Most emulators have graphic and audio options, for example you can interpolate the screen graphics or toggle between stereo on monaural sound settings. You can also map the control settings and use gaming add-ons, to try to make it feel more like the console your emulator imitates.
by Hand Hanzo May 2, 2005
A program that runs ROMs. Owning an Emulator isn't illegal, but owning a ROM of a game is. This is debateable though.
JNES, NESticle, and SNES9x are all emulators.
by Unown August 5, 2003
A program used to imitate another device. The most famous types are console/handheld emulators.

Emulators are often used to play games that are no longer in product, but nowadays, they are also emulating brand new systems. Examples are XBox, PS2, and GameCube emulators. While none works yet, all are beginning to play commercial games well while some other commercial games are played well already. However, the Gameboy Advance emulator came out BEFORE the actual handheld did and it emulated it excellently.

The biggest problems with emulator is speed and compatibility. Emulators need PC much more powerful than the actual system it's emulating in order to run at full speed. Also, some emulators tend to sacrifice compatibility for speed or vice versa.

Some notable things about emulators is that you need ROMs to use it. However, ROMs are completely illegal. The rumor that you can own a ROM if you own the original is false.
Man, emulators are kick ass! Everyone should at least have an SNES emulator!
by BusinessMan July 4, 2005
Great computure programme that can play all the classic console game system games from: snes, nes, atari.ect.But it costs you money to get an emulator.(the best thing to do is get a burned version from a friend who has already got one, like I did, lol) It also slows your computure right down. But its great fun. You can change the colours of the games you play. You can play the games with a special controler. You can also get weird versionnof games, like sonario which is a sega sonic game with mario as sonic. It's so cool. The roms are illegal but who cares, no one is gonna care.
NESten is one of the many emulators you can get.
by Nereek July 19, 2005
Programs people use to play illegal copies of console games (ROMs), which are usually obtained through a file-sharing program of some sort.
Huh? I don't have thousands of dollars worth of illegal game-images on my computer...
by Vyryn May 25, 2004
A filesharing program (ie P2P) that allows users to download various media files. You have to conncet to a server like Razorback to get on a network. It's based of eDonkey2000, but also includes more options, a source exchange, and the KAD (short for Kademelia) network. eMule has several MODs like NeoMule, eMule Plus, and a leecher MOD, Hardmule. eMule's users are known to provide real files most of the time, and it's hashing (copy protection) algorithm is different from Kazaa's where it can't be broken. Speeds are much slower than any other p2p, there are many more users, and it's community seems to have more in mind than porn and mp3s like large rival Kazaa.
Wow, I just downloaded a movie from eMule!
by Endit June 13, 2004