the name you give someone when you learn they are just for you . it is someone you can fall in love with .
he is my loserface .
by mindyyy January 13, 2008
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Someone that you really like and tend to childishly mess around with. i.e. in instant messenger.
quibbers: your such a loserface
cherriezzz<3: why do you always call me that?
quibbers: i donno, i kinda think your awesome :)
by aienache December 30, 2010
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los•er•face n.- one who is a failure at life, and will live the duration of their adult life as a hobo in a box
The loserface picked his nose for food, and wished he could be more like the amazing Tara Jacobson who is just so cool.
by Yo Mamma November 18, 2003
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something or someone that does something dumb/stupid/idiotic
stop it you loserface !
by loserface September 6, 2003
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Loserface - Describes an ex boyfriend or girlfriend who does not have a job, lives at home with their Mother/Father, and has some addiction to drugs/alcohol. The word is also perfect for people from Montana.
My ex boyfriend is a loserface.
by Renata Vazquez July 12, 2006
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A term coined by "scene kids" to describe someone they think is uncool, but also used endearingly to tease close friends. "Loser" is usually meant with sarcasm, and for some reason "scene kids" like to add the word "face" to the end of other words.
"Why do scene kids call their friends loserface?"
"Because they think they're cute."
by Prophecy Girl March 11, 2008
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a total failure at an insult. many people would use this term if they didn't like to swear
Wendell: Hi guys

Andy: Wendell, your dumb.

Wendell: Why!
by lolololololo noob April 16, 2011
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