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A kind girl. She is reserved, only talks to those she keeps close. She doubts herself a lot, but finds inspiration in unique things. She stands by her friends and supports their decisions. She sometimes has her slow moments, but she honestly is a smart girl. Her laugh can be cute, and it can also sound like a donkey. Nevertheless, Haylie will always be there for the ones she loves most. She deserves love and respect, and that's all she asks for.
P1: "Would you like to meet my friend Haylie?"
P2: "Who's that?"
P1: A great person to have as a friend. You'll enjoy her presence.
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by TarisMis... July 29, 2018
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Haylie / Hayley is the type of girl who you would think is sweet and innocent but really very cheeky and mischievous. Haylie's are usually gorgeous/pretty and loud but still easy to get along with, haylie's will not mind embarassing themselves infront of others to make them laugh. Haylie's are very caring but usually shy at first so you will have to be the one to start the convosation - though when you get to know them they are loud and crazy and will feel comfortable around you, haylie's never think before they act and will always know how to make you smile. Though haylie/hayley's are loving and considerate people they still have feelings and can get jelous and upset.
Boy 1: Hey that haylie girl is really hot but she seems abit shy and quiet.
Friend 1: Oh you dont know her at all - she is sweet but NOT shy or quiet at all.
by June 06, 2009
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Strong and cunning, Haylie can do literally anything she sets her mind to. Haylie is extremely beautiful and a generally neat person, and can get literally any guy (or girl) she wants. She is very smart and manipulative, so it's a good idea to avoid getting on her bad side. Haylie's got a body like no other, and knows how to show it off. She has a very good sense of humor and is a straight-up bitch sometimes, but she has a good heart. Lastly, but certainly not least, she is one of the most loyal friends you will ever have and will most always follow through on her word.
"Damn, that girl's a real Haylie."

"Why does Haylie get all the guys?"
"Don't know. Haylie's just got it."
by theslytherinqueen September 10, 2017
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Haylie is an incredibly beautiful woman who will speak her mind no matter what. She is the most kind hearted girl you’ll ever meet but if you get on her nerves she’ll punch you in the stomach. She’d beat the shit outta anyone who talks shit about her friends. If you get to know her you are the luckiest person in the world and may just fall in love.
Haylie is beautiful
by Kooksyteehee June 16, 2019
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Haylie is quite a common and very popular name as well as a very beautiful one. Originally originating from England, it was first taken up as a first name in around the 1940s. The name Haylie actually means ‘Hay field’ and can also be found as Haley, Hailey or Hayley. Haylie’s are very beautiful inside and out. Their personality is fun and everyone instantly becomes happier when in the presence of a Haylie. All they she may not know it yet, Haylies are known for their confidence and their true leadership skills. They make great friends and amazing girlfriends, their love is passionate and compassionate. Haylies are perfect for warming your heart and if you know a Haylie, just think how privileged you are to know someone so powerful yet so sweet
Haylie is the truest, kindest and most selfless person I know.
by Peng_Names November 28, 2019
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A very cute girl with a beautiful smile that will stay in your head. When you see her, your knees will buckle. You try to hold strong, but you always give in.
Guy 1: Watch out, its Haylie.
Guy 2: Be careful, Haylie is here.
Guy 3: Guys, sit down somewhere, Haylie's here.
Guy 4: My knees!!!

Me: Hi Haylie, Dinner tonight?
by AznHavx February 03, 2009
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