454 definition by Brian

Short for Metallica. The band itself calls it self 'tallica. Headed by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield with backup from Kirk Hammet and recently added Robert Trujillo.
The boys of 'tallica are coming out with their first studio album in 6 years on June 5.
by Brian June 04, 2003

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A program for a computer game that enables cheating.
Grand Theft Auto III has trainers that allow you to have infinite ammunition.
by Brian December 05, 2003

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I was at that game man, GO KU! The Kansas Mascot.
Rock Chawk JAYHAWK go KU
by Brian June 26, 2003

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The stage in which a female turns the age of Sixteen.
Alisha just had her sweet sixteenth birthday party
by brian December 30, 2003

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A drug dealer. The local pusher.
I got this dope from the slinger down the street.
by Brian March 31, 2005

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a craaaaaaaaazy country in the mid south of africa. wow. it enthralls me. It however does not urinate on norway like nearby Kenya.
"Zambia is the place to be!"
"If i had a friend, id take them to Zambia!"
by Brian February 27, 2004

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Another way to say "n00b" or "newb" Meaning a newbie, new to everything, or something in paticular.
You're such a fucking no0b.
by Brian October 14, 2003

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