By a slight margin, barely, slightly.
Martha's entry was marginally better than George's.
by Erniee January 19, 2007
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To opress; to blackball; to malign, smear, defame, or discredit; to lower public or private opinion--or the status--of an individual or group through hateful, deceitful, or misguided speech or action.
1. If you're a RACIST--regardless of YOUR color--you marginalize people on the basis of THEIR color.

2. "Let's marginalize Sarah--make her look like a stupid hick--that'll take her down a peg or two!"
by Shoe Fitter August 18, 2009
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Word describing a friend that is a taker and not a giver - someone that never shows up or pays for a tab or helps in any way. Not a true friend.
Thanks for showing at my birthday party marginal...I really appreciate it.

Russ is so marginal - jackass got drunk and missed dinner tonight - what the hell?
by B. Hanback January 15, 2010
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When Tom wanted to go tanning his friends reccomended he not get marginalized.
by mr. D1c3 May 27, 2015
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a word used by the uneducated to mean 'marginal'
Cleaning scratched eyeglasses will only result in a marginable improvement.
by Blitz$M.Inc.$ June 11, 2010
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One of the many words used by Donald Trump that he thinks makes him sound smart but he actually doesn't know its meaning.
Trump: Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at 7, it's marginal, right?
7 year old: Marginal? You mean like your penis?
by Hanbin1100 December 30, 2019
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The happy, bubbly type of woman who will drive you to places and give you money as long as you have tons of artistic talent or at least pretend to.
We stopped by the marginator's house earlier, she wanted us to teach a class on how to make sock monkeys.
by Gassy Baby August 20, 2006
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