454 definition by Brian

a condom
I need a nightcap or she won't let me bone her.
by Brian June 22, 2004

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Being screwed by your professor so many times that failing grades no longer seem to affect you.
Brian: Yo Jason, how was the midterm?

Jason: FUCK IT! Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!
by Brian April 06, 2004

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MASS. version of the word "really"

"holy shit, sully, it's wicked hawt out heah..lets go ovah to the havahd bah and beat up some smaht kids"
by brian November 19, 2002

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Led Zeppelin, arguably the greatest band of all time. Their music is amazing, but there's a lot more to them than Stairway To Heaven and Kashmir and the other songs everyone associates them with. Now, dont get me wrong, those are both amazing songs, but there's a lot more to them people should hear. People also say that young people dont appriciate their music, well, i know a 14 year old has signed it, along with a 15 and i think a 17 year old. And I'm 13 years old, and I think they're amazing. I also have a few frieds my age that listen to Led Zeppelin, along with other great bands like AC/DC, Van Halen, Guns N' Roses, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and so much more...
I just got limewire working on my computer today and celebrated by downloading all of Led Zeppelin I and Led Zeppeling II, CD's I was originally going to spend $30 dollars on, but got em' for free.
by Brian February 08, 2005

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To make George W. Bush your bitch.
I am going to break you off Mr. President!
by Brian October 05, 2004

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One who listens to the stereo rather than the music.
by Brian May 05, 2003

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