If you live in a mobile home, and purposely decide to place it anywhere in Tornado Alley, you're not allowed to be upset when an F3 touches down and throws your single-wide a good half-mile away. Sorry.
by Anger Wagon March 28, 2008
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What Taz turns into when he's mad.
Taz turned into a tornado and ate Bugs Bunny.
by Why yes, I think I do. May 16, 2007
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a violent destructive whirling wind accompanied by a funnel shaped cloud that progresses in a narrow path over the land taking out everything in its path.
A tornado tore through Johnny's village and destroyed it in 30 seconds.
by rome clone November 12, 2004
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A scary thing that gets rid of mobile home parks
Man that tornado flatten that eyesore
by jade101b October 13, 2014
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A sex move that Chef uses after luring girls into the brown dragon. Afterwards the girl's head is spinning with bliss.
The Chef gave her the Tornado and it knocked her socks off.
by Chef's Fan Club September 25, 2006
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a tornado is when you are eating a girl out and pretty much spaz out with your tongue and lips.
Your mom was given a tornado by your dad while you were downstairs watching Adult Swim, thinking your parents were sleeping.
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1. An burst of anger towards objects in the room, leaving clothes, books, chairs, etc. overturned and wrecked, similar to the effects of a
REAL tornado. Often occurs after breaking up.
2. A knock-off of the dairy queen blizzard.
1. Whoa. Jen had a tornado in here...
2. This 'tornado' isn't as good as a blizzard.
by eatyourownhead June 5, 2005
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