Extremely successful.

Typically used to describe a movie, play, or other performance.

1. A huge success; a smash hit

2. Star of the eponymous Mister Boffo cartoon strip

Origin: Probably a blend of box office. Or a varient of bóóffoo or boffola (I kid you not)
The latest masterpiece from William Shatnergets boffo reviews. Rolling Stone gives it four stars.
by Mandingoe September 29, 2004
That was a boffo performance!
I want to create a boffo binge-worthy series.
by happymoni October 6, 2017
Fuckin' a bitch between her big ol' titties.
Yeah man, I fucked her big ol' titties boffo style, son!
by osibisa November 7, 2007
Its like slang for fetch---from England.
Ash, your shirt is soo boffo!

Damn, that car is boffo.
by Bridg N' Ash April 10, 2005
What the Toronto Star said about Jessica Alba in a bikini. I don't fucking get it, do you?
Who would have thought Jessica Alba would look boffo in a bikini?

Why does The Star always use BS slang that no one gets?
by BossMC October 12, 2005
boffo- big time. to a greater extent
dude went off the ramp and missed the landing boffo
by jaybo February 2, 2005