454 definition by Brian

a small amount of granulated rock particles carried in the pocket of ones pants used as a criminal diversion, similar to Mace
that mofo attacked me, so i pocket sanded his face
by brian July 26, 2004

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The greatest man Alive
Jackie Chan is the greatest man alve.
by Brian October 31, 2004

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Individual who decides to take the law into his or her own hands. Usually due to incompetence by autority or individuals who can't deal with the issue.
A vigilante decided to kill the leaders of two dangerous gangs so the neighborhood is safer for children.
by Brian April 13, 2005

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a sexual manuver whereby a man and woman are having sex doggie style and the man as he is about to climax pulls out and fakes his orgasm by spitting hot saliva on the womans back, the woman then thinking the man is done turns around only to have the mans load blown in her face (possible somebody was watching clint eastwood as dirty harry when this move was pioneered)
i walked in on my parents having sex and to my suprise my dad served my mom up a dirty harry. Way to go dad, thats what that bitch gets for grounding me.
by brian March 14, 2004

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Very attractive. Pleasing to the eye. see burning beacon of raw sexuality
Oh man, Brian looked so sexy today!
by Brian December 23, 2003

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Only team in NFL history to ever complete a season undefeated and win the Super Bowl.
The Miami Dolphins sure do make a great team when they play together.
by Brian December 29, 2004

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Kiss my ass
kma you asshole!
by Brian October 06, 2002

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