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Arguably the best post-punk laptop rapper today, probably because he created the genre himself. MC Lars creates most of his music on a laptop, and the lyrics to nearly all of them are sheer genius. Reppin' the West Coast, Lars has put out a couple cd's, most recently The Graduate. Go buy it. Now.
some songs by MC Lars:
Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock, Roommate From Hell, Signing Emo, Generic Crunk Rap, Download This Song, (and way more good ones)
by brian April 03, 2006

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World Rally Cross, fast Japanese car built by Fuji Heavy Industries. Uses Special products company STI for high performance models, to the pinnicale of Subaru design, the STi 22B
the WRX STI 22B is illegal in some states to due to its enormous Power/weight Ratio.
by Brian October 08, 2004

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A racist term for an african american. Describes their large lips.
"Man, check out the bootlips stealing that bike."
by Brian February 12, 2005

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A word used to describe an indefinite time in the past (e.g. last week, last month, last year)
Remember lasterday when we went to the beach?
by Brian May 10, 2003

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Shit bag, dipshit, piece of crap
You're such a Zonis asshole
by Brian April 11, 2005

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gloves with the fingertips cut off. sometimes seen on hobos, bums, tramps, etc. Often home-made (or homeless made in a hobo's case) all one needs is an old pair of gloves and some scissors. Some gloves are also made without any fingertips to begin with, but they are not true hobo gloves.
I just made myself a pair of hobo gloves out of a small pair of old gloves.
by brian March 01, 2006

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A city in norcal. People here are RICH BITCH!
The band Trapt, and Dredg also came from Los Gatos.
We straight out of Los Gatos BITCH
by Brian March 07, 2005

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