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Shit bag, dipshit, piece of crap
You're such a Zonis asshole
by Brian April 11, 2005
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gloves with the fingertips cut off. sometimes seen on hobos, bums, tramps, etc. Often home-made (or homeless made in a hobo's case) all one needs is an old pair of gloves and some scissors. Some gloves are also made without any fingertips to begin with, but they are not true hobo gloves.
I just made myself a pair of hobo gloves out of a small pair of old gloves.
by brian March 01, 2006
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Shortened version of the latissimus dorsi - the large muscles down the back
His lats are so wide, he's got wings and he can't even put his arms down
by Brian December 06, 2004
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A term used in modern electronic games, where characters fall limply and body parts interact with the environment after being killed. The goal of Ragdoll physics is creating more realistic corpses. This often results in cringes of horror, or bursts of laughter based on the corpses flipping or slumping. One of the earliest games employing Ragdoll physics is Hitman.
"I shot him in front of a railing, and because of ragdoll physics, he flipped over the railing and hit a chair."
by Brian November 04, 2004
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mucus-like fluid that runs down the back of ones throat after snorting drugs. (based on my experiences) often takes a few minutes to reach your mouth after snorting said drug. Tastes really bad if it enters your mouth.
The drip I got from snorting a caffeine pill was nasty!
by brian January 08, 2006
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A president who no one in america (such as myself) likes, and somehow there's enough uneducated republicans to elect him, and bring the world for more years of his rule... i shudder at the thoguht.
whoever said that they see more bush/cheney stickers needs to go to a place like the bay area, where about 4 in 5 people voted democratic (no shit, and thats not counting minors, if they could vote there'd be way more democrats, as almost all the republicans here are old) and ther's still Kerry/Edwards stickers
by Brian January 05, 2005
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A city in norcal. People here are RICH BITCH!
The band Trapt, and Dredg also came from Los Gatos.
We straight out of Los Gatos BITCH
by Brian March 07, 2005
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