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When you want clothes dye, to die.
Die, dye! Or I'll kick your butt!
by Bob882 November 9, 2004
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A ciggarette that you put in your ear instead of your mouth. Originates from Dilbert.
Dilbert: Time for an eargarrete break.

Wally: Ear mint?
by Bob882 July 31, 2005
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An extremely high level of pwnage, also known as pwnership. When someone is pwned and you want to rub it in, so you say HAHAHA pwned in da faise!
n00b: WTF!? I died 10 times already!??!

Me: HAHAHAHA pwned in da faise!
by Bob882 December 18, 2004
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1. A race of demons from the Warcraft universe, members of the burning legion. Their leader was Mannoroth, who corrupted the orcs by having them drink his blood. Mannoroth was killed by Thrall and Grom Hellscream.

2. A neutral hero unit, available at the tavern, in Warcraft III. Has the Howl of Terror, Rain of Fire, Cleaving attack, and Doom spells.

3. An extremely grumpy or disagreeable person.
Mannoroth was the leader of the pit lords

Haha, my pit lord pwned your base!

My dad can be such a pit lord sometimes
by Bob882 November 4, 2004
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A button on the graphing calculator. The 'o' isn't actually an o, it's some kind of greek letter that looks like an o with a line through it. People say it's used for entering variables, but it really sends a signal to the alien Xton who will come and dominate our civilization in the year 3496
I just pressed the xton button. Your descendents will all be slaves
by Bob882 November 18, 2004
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