75 definition by Bob882

A combination of a ninja and a samurai. Has all the stealth and assassination skills of a ninja, and all the honor and swordsmanship skills of a samurai.
Uh, oh, a ninjamurai! Run!!!!!!!
by Bob882 August 30, 2004

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A hippo that hops. It looks really funny, too.
Is that an earthquake?

No, it's just a herd of hoppos.
by Bob882 October 19, 2004

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When you draw something, and you draw lines radiating out from around it, that's majesty!
Strongbad: I call him Trogdor the Burninator! Look at all his majesty!
by Bob882 November 03, 2004

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The natural habitat of geeks. A very fragile environment, the disruption of even one small element could throw it out of balance permanently. That is why you must never pick on geeks.
Hey, let's go teach those geeks a lesson!

No, you don't want to mess with the geekosystem
by Bob882 October 26, 2004

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Things that no one in the US knows about, since so many pathetic fanboys are obsessed with DBZ.
DBZ fanboy: OMG, DBZ is teh coolest!!

Me: Can you name any of Akira Toriyama's other works?

DBZ fanboy: Umm... uh... Vegeta rocks!!

Me: (sigh)
by Bob882 October 09, 2004

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A dragon with wings, especially small ones.
Strongbad gave Trodgor wings, so he could be a wingaling dragon.
by Bob882 November 09, 2004

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A giant octopus that will cause the Apocalypse by smashing one of its tentacles down on each of the seven continents, and the 8th one in the ocean.
Beware the apoclyapus!!! Ooooh!!!
by Bob882 October 19, 2004

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