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Pertaining to the Marx Brothers, especially Groucho Marx.
That stand - up comedy routine reeked of Marxism!
by Bob882 September 21, 2004

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What Robot Santa's head was built with in Futurama
Leela: Consider this. You destroy those you deem to be naughty, but many of those you destroy are, in fact, nice. Therefore, you are naughty and must destroy yourself.

Robot Santa: Nice try, but my head was built with paradox-absorbing crumple zones.
by Bob882 December 20, 2004

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1. The villain for the first few seasons in the TV show Stargate SG - 1.

2. The Greek name for Apep, an Egyptian God that was a snake that tried to eat Ra (the sun) every night as he passed through the underworld.
Apophis: I am Apophis, bow down and worship me!

Colonel O'Neill: Shut the hell up
by bob882 July 05, 2004

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The second longest word in the English language. An extremely poisonous chemical compound. The only longer word is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
Oh, No! I inhaled diisopropylaminoethylmethylphosphonothiolate! Now I'm going to die! Ahhhhhh! I died!

Now I'm dead!

by bob882 July 05, 2004

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An elementary particle similar to an electron, except that it has a positive charge instead of a negative charge. It is an antiparticle, which is a particle that forms antimatter.
When a positron comes into contact with an electron, they annihilate each other, releasing energy.
Look, I got a jar of positrons! I think I'll open it.

No, you fool!!

by bob882 July 06, 2004

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When your head is put back on.
I cut off some guy's head, but then I recapitated him.
by Bob882 December 07, 2004

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A combination of moron and Nazi. An idiot who thinks his opinion is fact and anyone who disagrees with him is wrong and/or stupid. This behavior is not only moronic, but also discriminatory and evil, hence the name moronazi.
That Sealab2022 guy is such a moronazi!
by Bob882 November 23, 2004

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