Often used in IRC chats, it means "I want it."
A: I'm selling a new iPod Touch for $99. Anyone?
B: Me want!
by akstylish May 6, 2008
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something you'd say to a hideously ugly person or somebody who has insulted you...great come back line creates luaghs to people who are near anywhere.
a ugly girl starts making fun of people and gets to one person and he says "you make me want to take a shit", whole bus laughs and she is humiliated.
by Nightmares August 18, 2007
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A string of words that when combined result in an aggresive yet to-the-point pass at a subject of interest, in which one wants to know the subject's name. Often seen used at bars, happy hours, or any location where mediocre men reside. Can be used to describe a subject, or directly used in conversation with said subject.
Jen: Did you see that tall drink of water that walked into this spot?
Alex: Yes - he is one fine specimen.
Jen: He makes me want to know his name.
Cassie: Should I go for it?
Julie: Go talk to him!
Cassie: Excuse me, but I've been checking you out from across the room, and damn, you've got style. You make me want to know your name.
by JenLynn March 14, 2008
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What you say when a situation makes you want to get physically sick and also see someone suffer at the same time.
For example...
Satanist: no, we aren't genius.
Christian: *pulls out "holy water* THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!"
Satanist: this... you are so sickeningly ignorant... This makes me want to projectile vomit onto your face!
by UrbanScribe7 January 15, 2018
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a phrase used when a girl gives hints that she likes you, popularized by the youtuber SoLLUMINATI
by Tre Riggins January 10, 2018
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That it. He wants you
Like when ur friend calls u delusional but Yk that he secretly wants u. So u would say “he wants me
by jaimewantsme June 5, 2022
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