Emanuel is a guardian angel. He is handsome, sweet, caring, great with kids, funny, athletic, strong, taller than most, determined, brave, spontaneous, romantic, protective, and charming.

He loves the sports that everyone can enjoy, even when little, like baseball. He's the guy who keeps you wondering about what his next "hero" trick will be to impress the one he likes. He's the one who is protective of those he cares for. Emanuel makes his special someone feel warm and comfortable every time she walks into his presence. Being with him will make you feel better, no matter what mood your in. Emanuel has the ability to take you to a completely different world, to keep you all to himself, to where he can treat you with respect and loyalty.
Their is emanuel
by Eertfu7yj jriejesiakwmwnehs December 2, 2018
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The best person you will ever meet. He is so cool handsome, straight and has every good traight but sometimes is a daredevil and a badass
Person: Yo whos that dude over there
Another person: Its Emanuel everyone calls him eman he is soooooo cool
by USER674318 May 21, 2019
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A nice and caring boy/girl no matter your gender or what you represent he will support you. He makes a lot of jokes in order to cope with his losts in life and his depression and all he really wanna be is loved by others
James-i want you to refer to me as a boy from now on ok?

Emanuel- ok 👌🏾 ofc bro
by The name Emanuel August 24, 2020
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Tradionally means "God is with us", and thats exactly what the ladies say in bed. All they scream is "God, God, God" while being satisfied.

Coolest cat with da best tricks, the guys wish they were him, and the girls wish they were with him
Girl #1: I met an Emanuel today
Girl #2 Damn girl you're so lucky,

Girl #1 I know, tell me about it. You know once you go Emanuel, you never go back
by TruthBtolduknow May 4, 2010
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Emanuel Is the most amazing boy ever. He is sweet, kind, hot, amazing, and he has the cutest laugh known to man kind. He also smells amazing. You can't help but follow him anywhere he walks once you smell his amazingness. He is known for dat booty....he's athletic, tan, and has the perfect smile. (: you can't help but love him! Once you get him, don't ever take him for granted because he is the most amazing person you will ever meet. (:
Girl 1: damn....you see that Emanuel?
Girl 2: dude....I be seein that Emanuel from the other side of the building...sooo amazing.
by Bridget123123456 January 17, 2013
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Someone who will constantly insult you but only as a means to play around, when really he cares A LOT about his friends. Tall, sometimes blonde, and who's name means "God is with us." A good friend to have if you need someone who is funny yet can be kind and serious and trustworthy. Everything an Emanuel does is to better your life, unless he dislikes you of course.
Guy # 1: Yo, my best friend is an Emanuel!
Guy # 2: Dude that's awesome! I need me one of those.
by NicaMan November 22, 2010
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A male name commonly used for Hispanics. This name represents a funny, cute, smart guy. this name is most likely to be soulmates with someone born on December 4th and the letter E in Emanuel represents love for someone with the letter J in her first name
Emanuel will most likely marry J******
by I’m never wrong June 22, 2020
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