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To tell someone about themself, mostly used by gay black men.
"That was a read honey!"
"Don't do it honet, I will read your ass"
by Darren December 03, 2004
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n. a taunt or mockery. A phrase or word used to mock someone in a humorous way.
When she said that you should have taken the receipt with your haircut, that was a read.
by Xing Shuay June 06, 2009
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When a girl leaves you on read it usually means one of two things. She’s either not interested, or she’s having a huge gangbang with that dude she told you not to worry about.
Shortly after a girlfriend left me on read, my friend sent me a video of that girl holding hands with another guy....
by Anallover69420 November 13, 2018
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In competitive Smash Bros and possibly other fighting games, a read is a term used to describe when a player predicts their opponents actions and takes advantage of them - usually leading to a KO
*Player 2 - *rolls around the stage*
Player 1: *forward smashes player 2 in the opposite direction and KO's Player 2

"That read made every English teacher in America happy."
by ill2-l April 24, 2015
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something that people don't do enough of these days
By the age of 3 I could read
(no kidding)
by Holmesgurl October 01, 2003
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read (v.) to translate written text into meaningful ideas within one's own mind. People usually read to gain knowledge or to awaken their imagination. Sadly, the act of reading seems to have been "bred out" of the human race. People these days would much rather desensetize themselves with stupid rap noise and violent, pornographic, and otherwise unintelligent forms of media. If you are in junior high and find it hard to read, do yourself a favor and get help. No offense! Reading is a great and powerful thing, and only by fully taking advantage of it can one open his or her mind to the possibilities of his or her own future.
Ranting is fun. Go read a book. No, your porno magazing doesn't count.
by BLARG man December 13, 2004
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