72 definitions by BlackPohatu

Chicken,duck,turkey,rabbit meat for food.
As you can see,we raise all these chickens very well in this poultry farm.Not feeding them with chemicals.
by BlackPohatu October 9, 2016
It refers to a person who comes to a party and his behaviour is so inappropriate that he spoils the party for everybody else.
A long time ago,after we finished the fifth grade we threw up a party,but I destroyed it,not on purpose.I was a party popper.
by BlackPohatu January 6, 2017
A political way of saying that someone disagrees with something they say.
I beg to differ about Mr Johnson's final assertion.
by BlackPohatu October 26, 2016
To stop talking about something, especially because it is upsetting or annoying.
by BlackPohatu September 14, 2016
Something that becomes gradually until little remains.
I've found out that the shogun power dwindled in 1868.
by BlackPohatu November 9, 2016
Someone is really irritated or annoyed,ill tempered.
Just ignore her,she gets crabby every year.
by BlackPohatu October 2, 2016