72 definition by BlackPohatu

The actions that everybody has,in order to fulfill their destinies.
You already have a role,and that is the laws of justice.
by BlackPohatu November 18, 2016

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To reestablish on a new,improved,basis,or to make new, like new.Cause to appear in a new form.
I've lost everything,and I'm trying to find a way to renew my life.
by BlackPohatu November 13, 2016

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A political way of saying that someone disagrees with something they say.
I beg to differ about Mr Johnson's final assertion.
by BlackPohatu October 26, 2016

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To not do something.
Save your sweat.You've done enough for today.
by BlackPohatu October 21, 2016

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Private hospital insurance.
That is one nasty wound.I hope your blue cross isn't payed up.
by BlackPohatu October 07, 2016

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Something that is foretold,a vision of the future,a prophecy
I'm seeing a prediction of your future.That you're gonna become a great bussinessman.
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by BlackPohatu October 05, 2016

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Someone,especially a male who resembles his father.
That dude is chip off the old block.He's really like his dad.
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by BlackPohatu September 22, 2016

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