In lieu of calling someone an ***hole.
When said with careful inflection, the intention can be conveyed.

May aslo be used to ecape consequences of calling someone an ***hole.
1) You are being such a Hassle right now.
2) No. I said you're a Hassle, not an ***hole.
by OX_Bigly August 3, 2016
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That creep always hassles poor Steve.
by BlackPohatu October 27, 2016
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Guy 1: Why aint you got a girlfriend mate?
Guy 2: Too much fucking hassle
by Dyaaar December 13, 2009
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In an office environment, a group of project or program managers
I knew when I saw the hassle of PMs heading my way that my day was about to get randomized.
by Kermitina February 1, 2018
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"A hassle of wild Karens watch a 12-year old go rob a 6 year-old, then blame her when she throws him to a certain doom."
-->-- Diamanda Hagan, Zoom Academy for Superheroes review.
by The Logical Fallacy May 17, 2022
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tim - george! will you be able to get me some chips on the way back from work? george - No Hassles ! sure can do!
by niko_Queenstown November 11, 2015
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An insult with the intention of annoying someone, making fun of them, or making them feel bad.
Nick always came up with a hassle using some clever pun that made everyone laugh, and Mark responded with some crappy hassle that usually began with the words "your momma".

Adam made so many hassles about Paul that he was awarded a Guiness World Record.

Pete told his sister a hassle, making her cry.
by Bloopy July 25, 2006
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