72 definitions by BlackPohatu

To hide or store something away.
I always tuck away my stuff inside of my wardrobe.
by BlackPohatu October 19, 2016
Save from sins.
You have bad things,but now this is your chance to redeem yourself.
by BlackPohatu September 9, 2016
To prevail,to win,to triumph.
Can you believe it,they really won,they nailed it.
by BlackPohatu November 30, 2016
Something that is foretold,a vision of the future,a prophecy
I'm seeing a prediction of your future.That you're gonna become a great bussinessman.
by BlackPohatu October 5, 2016
To be released from something difficult,even from an obligation.
Thanks for getting me off the hook.I couldn't pay so much money because of that video tape that I broke.
by BlackPohatu September 26, 2016
To put someone in the type of roll.
I'm being typecast.They sent me into the same roll in that movie.
by BlackPohatu September 28, 2016