72 definition by BlackPohatu

To prevent someone or something from coming close.
Keep at bay,those guys.I don't want them to know about the surprise party
by BlackPohatu October 26, 2016

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Means to be quiet.Close your mouth.
Zip the lip, will ya.Because your getting on my nerves.
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by BlackPohatu October 21, 2016

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The beggining of a dangerous task,or venture.
Climbing that mountain was a very difficult undertaking.
by BlackPohatu October 04, 2016

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Something that is extremely boring.
That show was as boring as hell.
by BlackPohatu September 10, 2016

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Objects that are tottaly unknown ,hard to classify ,that do not have a name.
What in blue blazes is that thingamajig?I've never seen something like this before.
by BlackPohatu February 08, 2017

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1)To have sexual intercourse with someone.
2)To masturbate.
1)Have you ever had a shag with someone?
2)Everytime when I watch the fembots,I shag.
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by BlackPohatu January 25, 2017

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To pretend to be sick or hurt,to take advantage of the positive
Oh come on,can't you see?He is milking it just to skip school.
by BlackPohatu December 11, 2016

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