72 definition by BlackPohatu

To bother,annoy,to trouble.
That creep always hassles poor Steve.
by BlackPohatu October 27, 2016

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To hide or store something away.
I always tuck away my stuff inside of my wardrobe.
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by BlackPohatu October 19, 2016

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Someone who speaks very ugly,vulgar.
Paul's mother called me,and she told me you have a potty mouth.
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by BlackPohatu October 18, 2016

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Save from sins.
You have bad things,but now this is your chance to redeem yourself.
by BlackPohatu September 09, 2016

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The art of being cunning.
I find his artful very intriguing.
by BlackPohatu September 06, 2016

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It refers to a person who comes to a party and his behaviour is so inappropriate that he spoils the party for everybody else.
A long time ago,after we finished the fifth grade we threw up a party,but I destroyed it,not on purpose.I was a party popper.
by BlackPohatu January 06, 2017

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A bussinessperson engaged in the wholesale purchase for profit.
Edward had purchased a barrel of wine for the wedding and the wine merchant’s method of measuring the volume at first angered him.
by BlackPohatu November 21, 2016

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