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the condition in which a person experiences a temporary inability to remember or process information in a reasonable amount of time.
Man 1 - " What time do I need to pick you up at the airport ?"
Man 2 - " ... What ? "
Man 1 - " What time do I need to PICK YOU UP ?"
Man 2 - (delayed response) " Sorry man . I've got junklock bad today."
by Billy Shea March 26, 2020
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Slang for midget. This term is typically only used between little people. Used to celebrate friendship.
Ebert – “ How about hooking me up with one of those cold beer ? ”
Woodburn – (tosses beer to Ebert ) “ Here you go ! ”
Ebert – “ You my Midga ! “
by Billy Shea January 7, 2021
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A face mask manufactured by My Pillow.
"I'm going for a walk, but I'm wearing My Mask ."
by Billy Shea April 1, 2020
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The motion of a handshake in the air while greeting someone from a distance. Considered an appropriate greeting during a time of social distancing.
Person No. 1 "Hey! How are you ?"
Person No. 2 "I'm doing well. I'm going to give you an airshake today since we're dealing with this COV-19 virus."
by Billy Shea March 31, 2020
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Dude, I've seen some funny stuff today, but that wobbler heading for the door takes the cake ! He could barely walk !
by Billy Shea January 5, 2021
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a costume which includes a long beard and a navy flight suit.
Man 1 - " So what's your favorite costume here ? "
Man 2 - " Oh man, it's gotta be ZZ Top Gun over there ! "
by Billy Shea March 27, 2020
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