The word little person is derived from the other words such as midget, dwarf, and peck.
These are a rare breed of smaller people. They average around 4.5 feet, they tend to have small arms and legs with normal sized backs and heads. When they are born they are half the size of average human babies and are referred to as pecklings. Midget's are also known for their easiness to be tamed, colorful objects and sugar packets are used to tame them.
Midgets are also known to be able to tame dogs and talk to them. At times they can be found in your dog houses at night, proceed with caution to check your doghouses at midnight. Under any circumstance should you ever check your dog's house without small packets of sugar or colorful objects! They are known for biting and headbutts.
They are also adaptable to many things since their smaller sizes make the world seem bigger to them.
They tend to come out at night and sometimes rarely can be seen in the day. If one is seen you should take pictures and point, use extreme caution. They are rare and are very ill-tempered. They are highly attracted to sugar packets and colorful objects and will do anything for them. There is a new group in south that now collects all different types of midgets. The rarest of them all is the Pale Iranian Asian Midget.
Do not under any circumstances try to fight with them. They are strong and extremely dangerous. Their strongest attacks are the famous Headbutt and bite.
I myself have collected a rare collection of midgets, the best sugar packets money can buy can be bought on eBay.
Warning: if you are going to attempt catching a midget, Please! use extreme caution, I have been scarred for life, I have bite marks all over my neck and hands, don't make the same mistake I did, bring your sugar. Your chances will be 80% more successful at catching and eventually taming the midget.
Cindy: Mom! look at the peck!
Mom: Cindy! don't call small people that, peck is a slang term like midget.
Cindy: But mom I saw in the Movie Willow and Madmordagan called the small person a peck!
Mom: please cindy im asking you, stop being so hurtful, they have small feelings.
Tommy: Mom! Im gonna catch that midget!!
Dad: Lets do this Tommy, this one looks rare! Becareful though this one looks like a head butter, they go for the stomach if they can reach it but will sometiems go for the nads.
Midget: Mi..Mi..Midget.. Midget.. Midget
Cindy: He's calling more midgets, I think we should leave.
Mom: Please little person we mean no harm!
Cindy: I got the sugar packets!!
Dad: we did not come all this way for nothing, TOM, Get the Net!, Cindy sprikle the sugar by that tree!
Tommy: I think we can get him Dad, he's going for the sugar!
Cindy: Hurry dad do it, he is licking all the sugar!!
Dad: Got em!
Tommy: Dad, I think when we get home I should order more sugar packets from eBay. The auction ends tomorrow and ill bid on the last 10 seconds.
by Jerrygo March 4, 2008
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little = small, below average in height, skinny

person = human, Homo sapien

little person = a person that is below average in height, or sometimes weight.
That little person shud carry around a stool. ; )
by Shorty_ July 5, 2007
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1. someone who believes they are of little value or importance, though are not
2. someone who thinks they're slow, boring, or oblivious, though are not
"I'm a sad little person remember?" "Ohh, no you're not Cristhian, shut up."
by mr.roshi August 3, 2015
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Syndrome caused by an inferiority complex usually directed at stature or height. In women this may cause a variety of problems from "Bitchy-ness" to the urge to stand on large objects in order to feel some sense of "dominance" over others. Calling a woman who suffers from L.P.S. "tall" is a big compliment and will make them feel good about themselves. In men the problems multiply; men, already having an aggregation of complex's pertaining to their own inferiorities, become arrogant little fucks, who buy big trucks, and treat people like shit.

This syndrome is similar to L.M.S. or Little Man Syndrome, which is an inferiority with the size of ones own Male reproductive organ.
"Man that girl suffers from L.P.S. real bad she's just being a bitch to everyone."

"E.H.(hahah) is trippin', must be the L.P.S."

Little Person Syndrome(L.P.S.)
by Long14 January 8, 2012
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When there is a little person in the back of your head that keeps making you worry about things. This is not meant to be some sort of mental condition and is instead a concept. A way of personifying your anxieties into a sort of anxiety demon. This is incredibly useful as it allows you to tell said personified anxieties, to fuck off. The acronym of this is LPITBOYHS which fits perfectly as we want all of our anxiety demons to go into a pit, from which they will never return.
I use Little-Person-In-The-Back-Of-Your-Head-Syndrome. My anxiety demon is named Kevin and I fucking hate him.
by SirWorringtonBartholomewJacobs February 26, 2023
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You know the guy who rage quits after he dies once

Yeah him
"You killed me, ight that's it I'm out" *leaves game*
You could say he is an angry little person
by Y0wman December 5, 2020
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The preferred terminology for person of stunted growth. However when a family or group of little people exceeds 6 persons they are therefore known as Dwarfs.
“look at that dwarf.”
thats no dwarf thats a little person.”
by GrandaddyPlumb December 21, 2021
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