A short way for girl/guy to say they want to lay on their boyfriend/girlfriend for comfort
Damn I want my pillow. I miss her so much
by ZebraCollard May 30, 2019
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An expression for when a girl only uses you for emotional support and comfort.
Bro she just uses me I’m totally just a pillow
by D0nd0 June 21, 2020
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Something to hump when your horny
Jack stood Jackie up so, tonight she's having some one-on-one with her pillow
by Senor sejas July 8, 2010
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A term used when someone won’t fuck you; they only cuddle you. You’re their pillow. Using you because they’re lonely.
It’s been a week now and jack still hasn’t fucked Jill yet. She must be his pillow.
by Jeezymbaby May 24, 2018
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Another word for booty or a large butt. Your pillow is used to support your body while sitting down.
With a pillow like that she definitely sits comfortably.
by Pillow Fights July 25, 2018
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