1. The grasping of hands by two people, as in greeting or leave-taking.
2. Computer Science. An exchange of signals between two devices when communications begin in order to ensure synchronization.
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
"Honey, don't be mad! It was just a handshake!"
by me June 1, 2004
march 19th is national handshaking day.


have you had your handshake today?
by Billy Bichititimen January 28, 2005
Sir Thomas, mounted on his black stallion, gave a handshake to Sir Jamal as they passed one another on the street. "Wut up dawg," responded Sir Jamal.
by Butzo November 16, 2006
I'd loan you my car for the weekend, but I know you hate to drive a handshaker.
by ChristianRory December 24, 2005