Dude, I've seen some funny stuff today, but that wobbler heading for the door takes the cake ! He could barely walk !
by Billy Shea January 5, 2021
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An electronic/ dubstep bass drop that creates animalistic reactions
That song is a filthy wobbler
by Goonerlad June 9, 2014
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A humanoid creature found in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS). Wobblers have existed since the dawn of time. Wobblers can be red or blue. Wobblers have no facial features, other than two googly eyes. Red and blue wobblers have a big rivalry, and will try to murder each other. Wobblers do not speak English, they instead speak gibberish, or just yell.
These two wobblers are really strong, I wonder who will win in the battle.
by NotNickW October 21, 2021
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One who enjoys listening to Dubstep/Filthstep.
Ever since dubstep blew my sub-woofer and raped my ears, I've been a wobbler.
by iCantstop June 14, 2011
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Wobbler is cobbler with weed baked into it (weed+cobbler = wobbler), much like "special brownies", but fruitier and more delicious depending on your dessert preference.
Stoner 1: "Hey, man, you want to come over? Stacey's making cobbler! With weed!"
Stoner 2: "Oh, you mean wobbler? Fuck yeah! I'm there!"
by Wobblah June 26, 2010
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Also known as a cock wobbler danza or Daniels. A wobbler is known for kicking the Chevy sideways, ingesting any type of alcohol, and a passion for any type of T Bars thongs. IS THAT RIGHT?!? a wobbler occasionally sustains injuries to the shaft of his penis due to a thong rub from panties being slide to the side and NOT removed. A wobbler is known to have multiple J.O. jerkoff sessions without having a time frame on when his gf is arriving home. He can also sustain injuries while playing sports such as slopitch hockey or euchre. A wobbler may be employed as a plow operator, but drives it like Earnhardt in a chevy.
Ricky Martin: What injuries has the wobbler sustained?
Mongoogle: He was hit with a comebacker at slo pitch, his index finger is blistered from euchre, and his shaft and helmet have a T Bar burn.
by Woodler October 30, 2019
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1: The bleached rectal area of the North American gay male.

2: An erection whose quality is adversely effected by the ingestion of alcohol.
1. In preparation for his date, Lance bent over and checked his wobbler in the mirror.

2: Unfortunately for Susan, a long night at the bar had given Bernard a wobbler.
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