27 definitions by Big b

cool,soothing,moist,absorbant towellet that is place carefully between arse cheeks after a hard night of drinking and four or more bathroom visits.
That's my fourth sh*#t this morning does anyone have a manpon handy.
by Big b September 12, 2003
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Used synonymously for "Do you understand?"
"If you be messin' wit my gear I'll hafta get retro on yo ass, sabe?
by Big b March 16, 2005
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also known as paniagua... meaning- an instant cum. when a woman looks at an attractive man and just gets wet by sight. hence... pantie water..

also.. a man or something you find attractive can be called pantie water.
Damn ma, tha guy over there looks mad good.. i just got pantie water..

He is pantie water!
by Big b April 02, 2004
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n. Another term used for a large stack of bills or bud.
Shit thats a PHHHATTTTT stack
by Big b December 10, 2003
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when your toe hangs off your sandal and touches the ground. Or when your foot is wider than the shoe..
That fat bitch has scrape toe.
by Big b April 02, 2004
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While not the first assualt rifle, arguably the best. Unlike the M-16, which requires constant cleaning, the AK-47 has few moving parts that do not get fouled easily.
The AK-47 was not entirely a Russian design
by Big b December 19, 2004
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An elite, in everything(gaming,sports anything else that has to competing, ect. ect.) . Translated to "gangster".
Hey look, brandon is a gundal.
by Big b June 22, 2003
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