- No more responsibilities (huzzah!)
- Your family will miss you (if you had one)
- You'll miss out on a lot more experiences (if you managed your time accordingly)
- You'll miss hanging out with your friends (if you were more confident)
- You probably wouldn't be thinking of committing yourself into "being dead" if you were thinking positively and do your best (You wouldn't be a rowdy attention-seeking, depressed, anxious 14-year old with mental declines if you think clearly and actually do a thing for gosh sake)
- No more responsibilities.

Many people have belief that it all will be useless because you'll eventually become "being dead" in your period of "being alive"and all of your effort will be gone to nothing. While in reality, you'll become more useless by "being dead" because you wouldn't be able to contribute your innovations and ideas to mankind.

The point of escaping suicide thoughts is not to be selfish and only care about yourself, but to also care about people around you. Use your time wisely and have fun.
Us skeletons, which are already dead, however, are baffled by our human counterparts criticizing their experiences of "being alive". "Being dead" is actually a traumatic experience in an experience of one's consciousness; the act of making oneself "being dead" will only do harm than good. The science of the universe has greatly proven that the existence of humans are just part of the natural existence of the universe by itself. Therefore, the only way to survive this reality is to make good use of yourself out of the period of living you've been given, not shorten it. - Dr. Gordon Grim Skeleton (P.hd in Science and Philosophy of Skeletalism and being verbose) rambling to itself.
by skeletonian April 26, 2021
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