(mad good)This sandwich is maaaad goood!

(mad good)How did you do that skateboarding trick? It was maaaaaad goood!
by Ziiv July 4, 2008
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Mad good is basically a way of accentuating the goodness of something, likes saying it’s really good.
Maureen: Did you watch that new movie?

It’s mad good.
by FatCatSat June 17, 2019
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A response that is usually said when one person tells another of something somewhat unfortunate, but not tremendously unfortunate. This envokes that even though the subject being discussed is unfortunate, the conversation or situation in whole is still "mad good".
Mark: I just found $20.

Dan: Shit, I stubbed my toe!

Mark: Mad Good Though.
by EmpeeDan May 9, 2006
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Something thats great or awesome or appealing to the eye.
Hayes: Did you see that movie called "Swordfish"?
Harris: Yeah, dude, I did! It was mad-crazy-good!
by hlmjr May 6, 2007
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