Used synonymously for "Do you understand?"
"If you be messin' wit my gear I'll hafta get retro on yo ass, sabe?
by Big B March 16, 2005
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Rarely ever used in 4chan board, as "set a bad example"
SAGE!! You just SABE!
by Antar March 25, 2005
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Derived from disabled.
someone who is a complete retard, and lacks the capability to do anything constructive.
by Jon Morris February 23, 2004
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A disease one catches from unknown sources. The Sabes can impair your sense of timing, ability to perform physical activities, and perception of temperature. The Sabes has five stages; Stage Three is the worst, and after that one starts to develop certain "superpowers".

Also, can be used in place of "That's what she said", as in "And that's how you get the Sabes!"
My Sabes are really flaring up today!

"I can't fit all that in my mouth!"
"And that's how you get the Sabes."
by VSabes November 7, 2010
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Sabely is a loving girl! She is very weird, not the bad weird the good weird. The thing that she’s best in is being Sassy. The girl might make mistakes but she knows how to make it work. Not only funny and weird but she’s also Preety! Also her clout is real!
Boy #1: OMG! That girl is so Preety!

Boy#2: YOU’RE RIGHT SHE’S SO Preety. She gotta be a Sabely.
by Noob_Queen September 22, 2018
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Bill: "SABED Mike."
Mike: "I always smoke blunts son."
by snugs November 1, 2006
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