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a cool word used to describe how great something is.
tony- wow madeline thats awesome
madeline-- ahh tony marvelous!
by anthony james September 17, 2005
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A beautiful young lady very rare. Her name describes her in complete accuracy. She is a very smart young lady. Most likely the type to be in a meaningful relationship that will last. Her loyalty runs deep and will love you for a long time if not forever.
Marvelous? That's a unique name. I'm sure your marvelous yourself.
by definitions 444 March 13, 2017
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An awesome creation,intelligent,nice,fun,caring,not rude ,playful,gentle and quiet.
You are Marvelous
by Levram December 13, 2017
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1. (adjective) describes something cool, unique, or otherwise worthy of marvel.

2. (noun) the highest accuracy value assigned in Konami's game, Dance Dance Revolution. Better than "Perfect", only appears in special modes. Plural = Marvelouses, or Marvelous
1. "Are you sure I look okay in this leather miniskirt?"
"You look marvelous, woman! Get in the car!"

2. "I saw this kid with an apeshit Legend Road score-- like 200 Perfects and the rest Marvelous!"
by second tuesday October 19, 2006
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The word my friend and I use when we don’t want people to know that we’re talking badly about them. Not to be confused with marvellous, marvelous is pretty much the opposite.
Cassidy: WOW Similie is being so marvelous right now.

Grancie: I know right, Chrimson is also marvelous.
by lonelychristian October 30, 2019
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