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something human beings clearly saw at some point in time but is now extinct
Now museum, now you don't.
by dookeyboy November 14, 2010
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Dejagoo is the strange feeling that you've been in this sticky situation before. It is dejavu due to goo. Usual symptoms are shivers down once's spine followed by disgust, especially if actual goo is involved.
Dude I like just like stepped in doggy doodoo. And i was like, oh dude this feels familiar. Then I remembered that I like stepped in pup poo like last weekend too. Surreal man, it was like total dejagoo.
by Hukra March 14, 2009
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A girl that's nice to look at, but impossible to get remotely intimate with.
Johnny: "Oh hi mark. have you seen that Karen girl?"
Mark: "Well, did you hit her? Anyways, don't even try. She's a total museum."
by guyliner January 18, 2010
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According to Daddy Pig a museum is a place full of interesting things that are very old.
Grandpa is so old we can donate him to the museum.
via giphy
by Nigga4hire March 18, 2018
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