1. burglary
2. to take a girls virginity
"ahh mate im gonna smash that girls clunge in"

"bluuud shes a virgin, u do realise thats breaking and entering"
by purepremium100 March 5, 2009
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1. Fingering a girl when she doesn't want you to.
2. Going into a house and stealing.
You were at her friends house and u were breaking and entering her, dude thats like rape.
by Jakbop! January 13, 2011
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Something that Santa does for a living.
Santa broke in which is Breaking and Entering
by UrBoiJeff December 13, 2018
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It is when you break your chicks leg so she kneels in front of you, so she has no choice but to suck the log.
Women don't make me break and enter you to have this done!
by havok551 May 31, 2008
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Put simply: to bang! If you like, having rough sex.

(P.S. This is not about raping the girl - we don't play that!)
As per Ayesha, I want to break and enter her blonde mate.
by fem grizzly November 2, 2006
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The act of breaking into someones bathroom and forcefully giving them head.
Oh man, Justin and his dog just caught me off with guard with a Breaking and Entering blowjob at work said Jeff
by Dbzage March 5, 2018
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When someone goes on vacation and asks you to check in on their house while they're away. Ex: water plants, feed pets, shovel the driveway.
"We're going away for a week. Can you do a Canadian break and enter and feed our dog?". It's based on the stereotype that Canadians are so polite that when the break into a house they do nice things for the owner instead of stealing items.
by Dr. Buttface III February 14, 2020
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