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I:Identifing spammers
II:How u can meet one
III:How to avoid

I:spammers are found on any email site including gmail and yahoo,but are found on other websites and games like ROBLOX,Minecraft servers(in particullary ones withought moderation) and others.
They can be classified in a) Pointless spammers,ussualy reformed from "guilds" of noobs,and dumb creatures having a primitive language called noobish which reffers in switching numbers with letters and spamming LOL and !!

b)comercial spammers(the scum of Earth) those are ussualy bots of a low end company that

spam ur email with commercial ads,and the best counter for about a day is to block them,

II:how u can meet one:this is an easy task on the comercial spammer but it is a bot,so the only spammer u can piss off is the pointless one,but u need to speak in nooobis for him to understand,like:LOLOLLOL!!!!!14411441 L3Av3 M3 Al0N3!!!!!! LOLOLOLOol!!l!!o!lo!l! Meaning "leave me alone",the spammer thinking ur from his kind,he will mabye leave u alone.

III:I told everyone how to avoid the comercial spammer,but the pointless one is smarter,having 20 alts to spam ur email or skipe,trying to rat ur PC or laptop.The best chance is to counterattack with a virus,bc he will have a chance of 80%to fall for it,ratting his pc/laptop,but some are smarter so if it continues to spam after u send his ownvirus,just don 't react ,he will get bored or will use a bot and forget,so a simple ban will be in the long game the win
I hate that spammer
by Asulsmallpp May 10, 2021
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THE country Hitler was born in and was imbred af
look at Austria
by Asulsmallpp May 20, 2021
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When ur frend goes on twitter to cancel a youtuber for having limited youtooz or other accesories
Damn Jared is in Dumb Day,he canelled all the MR Beast squad.
by Asulsmallpp May 13, 2021
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An abreviation for I don t care if i need a mask to enter a dunkin donuts,used by Karen
Me:pls wear a mas-
Karen with Byakugan activated:IDCIINAMTEADD,i pay your salary!
by Asulsmallpp May 17, 2021
Africa is a continent near Europe and Asia,being mostly enslaved by Europe and Ottoman empire ,but,even today as africa is decolonised and "free",companies like Nestle are pulling an full on enslavery on Africa,taking a lot of water and even making child slaves and don't get punished,but White Europeans,mostly germans get punished for being white supremacists by 14year old dipshits
Africa is enslaved by Nestle and bug *spits* big companies
by Asulsmallpp February 1, 2021
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one of the 2 creations made by the devil himself along with the wasp,spiders are creepy creatures,some poisonous and some just creepy
I burned my house bc there was a spider
by Asulsmallpp May 14, 2021
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Sick Man Of Europe reffers to the decline both millitary and polittcaly of europe after numerous lost wars with Wallachia,uniting with Moldova making Romania,the lost siege of vienna and the Greek,Serbian and Bulgarian uprising
Sick Man Of Europe+The Ottoman Empire
by Asulsmallpp May 10, 2021
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