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A sexual position in which the man lays on an ottoman and bends over backwards off the back of the ottoman. The girl straddles and rides in the typical cowgirl or reverse cowgirl action.
by Matt Oakes March 26, 2004
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Folks prepare yourself. This sexual position involves a male and female who look each other dead in the eyes, and then the proceed to bend over bareassed. They have their butt cheeks touch, and continue to flatuate into each other’s rectums. Once someone finally shits, the not shitee, takes their big toe and rubs it into the shiters shit. It then goes back into the shitters shitter. You then lick your partners elbow.
Wow, Rachael asked if we could do the ottoman last night... I couldn’t say no!!!
by Titty slappin hoes February 10, 2018
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