The country that hosts the town, Fucking
Debra, I believe I'll take a trip to fucking, Austria this weekend
by Mr. DoubleDee December 23, 2019
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Central European country, the birthplace of Mozart,Hitler and Schwarzenegger.
Austria is awesome!
by jgyuri September 29, 2012
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A relatively small mountainous country bordering italy, germany, switzerland, slovenia, hungary, slovakia and the czech republic its capital being vienna.
i was born in austria in 1922
by mr_magicxp January 11, 2006
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Today Austria is only known as the home of the famous Steyr AUG. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Adolf Hitler are considered to be its 'greatest' sons. But in fact is also a wonderful place in the alps where people like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Sigmund Freud, Ferdinand Porsche, Erwin Schrödinger, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Karl Landsteiner and many other genius persons were born.

Most people - currently living on this planet - haven't even heard from these Austrians and so they don't know that Austria played a leading role in the development of science, culture and philosophy. Austria was also one of the first superpower states but after the First World War it shrunk to a nonsignificant spot on the globe. Because of this embarrassing fact most of the Austrians turned into misanthropic, unfriendly persons who build bombs in their basements (best known Austrian maniac is Franz Fuchs who blasted several bombs during the mid 90s) or who try to obtain world leadership (e.g. Schwarzenegger). The small but sane rest of the Austrians are hardworking people who achieved that their country developed to one of the richest countries in the world.

Capital city: Vienna
Inhabitants: 8.26 E6
Well, once he was a real Austrian but look at him now!

Hey, face reality! You are no damned Austrian who lives in the past!
by wrencheater June 15, 2006
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A beautiful country where a lot of very famous people come from. Schwarzenegger is very famous. Also from Austria. There were many famous skiers from Austria. Not to mention how many Nobel Prize Winners were Austrian. An Austrian person is a great person from a great Country. And not to Mention Vienna which is one of the most Valuable cities in Europe.
There is only one bad person on the whole Earth from Austria who was bad. His name is Aldof.
by July. October 13, 2007
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Their greatest achievement was making the world think Hitler was German.
Their 2nd greatest achievement was making the world belive WW1 was started by the Germans.
"Hey you know that country Austria?"

"The birthplace of Hitler and the starter of WW1?"

"Thats the one!"
by Beef_the_Dog December 6, 2020
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A country that has many great achievements. These include:
Making everyone think that Hitler was German
Making everyone think that Germany started WWI
Austrians are the masters of making other Europeans pissed off.
by Error 666 June 27, 2023
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