That is good imbred.
by DEADweight December 28, 2005
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when people have a child with there own family
or when people have sex with family members
oh that kid is an imbred
by jakln July 24, 2003
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someone who shags someone they have a relation with
Phil..."im so tired"


Phil..."oh i was shagging my sister last night"

Chloe..."thats sooo imbred"
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An autistic homosapien that loves having chemistry with girls. Often seen with a white hydroflask, purple shirt, and gay pink bracelet to finish the look.
That cute imbred felt the depression hit when he didn’t get invited to this girl’s bday. “Tfti” he said sadly.
by CallMeS3npai September 21, 2019
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A term used for the children of mixed families usually white/black/mexican mix. or and variation that includes three or more races.
My damn neighbor is an imbred-halfbreed honyak.
by Cuddle Bear January 1, 2005
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