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Money paid to an employee for regular work performed that is supposed to reflect the true value of the employee to the company, but more often resembles a bad joke.
My salary is laughable.
by Loxi July 21, 2009
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An overhyped number that does not quantify your child's intelligence or success.
Don't fixate on job stats or salary figures. Focus instead on the skills and interest.
by blitzkrieg93 October 10, 2017
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The supposed amount of money you should receive according last daily company policy for your work.

Usually paid late or never if you are Bamboozled in Vietnam.
Hey BRO we are in July.... give me my funking February salary instead of Jokinng! Motherfuker!
by A6600871_kkk July 08, 2020
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Theres plenty of my salary to go around.

Everyone likes a big salary!

"I heard he gave her some of his salary last night"
by shnutterguy May 27, 2009
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