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To settle or lie within or against something in a comfortable way
The fox nestled his head against the bear's shoulder
by Teh Fawks July 28, 2010
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what the fuck.i recently saw bottled water made by the brand nestle.don't they make chocolate?what is the world coming to?
person 1: is that chocolate milk?
person 2: no dumbass its bottled water
person 1: the fucking bottle says nestle.they make chocolate.u know the chocolate powder with the creepy bunny on the side?its calld nesquik.
person 2: fuck
by castrovalleytrojans July 10, 2009
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to rub and caress two necks against each other whilst bent at a 90 degree angle.
Jack had a special talent for nestling with his brother. As they bent over and nestled, It really showed their love on a physical connection.
by SHAM GOD21 June 22, 2017
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She's cute in size and in face but do not underestimate her cause she can pack a punch. She loves anime and manga and a lot of bishies. If you befriend her be ready for a whirlwind of energy. You will never get tired if she's around. I recommend you always invite her to your outings. She's practically best friend material.
Girl1: Is it me or is it just so fun there
Girl2: It's there since they have Nestle
by rororotheboat January 26, 2013
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(adj.) the act of wrapping one's foreskin around the tip of another male's penis.
Hey honey, do you think we could nestle tonight? Please?
by Urban Legend November 30, 2007
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