bc is an abbreviation for the word because. it's used in msn and in short hand.
"I wasn't in school today bc i was feeling ill"
by Will 123 April 30, 2008
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abbreviation for "because"
I put up my away message bc we were getting it on and I didn't want to be disturbed
by wbaker May 10, 2004
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bc = bhenchod ; sisterfucker
if used more oftenl its basically 'bro'
by janam_patri November 30, 2020
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short for "body count" - a pastime when watching a movie of a violent nature, keeping track of how many deaths occur throughout the course of the film.
"dude, what's the bc at now?"

"56 and counting...and the flick's not even half over yet!"
by mocker September 25, 2005
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Boston College

Is not a college, nor is it in Boston. It is a university and it is in Chestnut Hill.
After BC beat Notre Dame, there was a riot.
by JakeStar April 28, 2005
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basic chronic. This is a type of hydroponic marijuana, better than schwag but not as good as dank. Some say this stands for british columbia, but bud in the US is very seldom actually from there.
yo nig that boy gots some tripple-A bc, its not bad at allz
by tize February 12, 2004
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