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A girl who is into Emo music, likes to wear black and listen to bands like "Taking Back Sunday" and "Thursday". Commonly stereotyped as cutters and criers, but may not cut and may not cry alot. Emo chicks lerv (emo boys)
That emo chick was totally rocking at the TBS concert!
by Ashley April 24, 2005
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Intended to be used after your friends say or do something stupid. Best{beak ever.
Christine: That is so fetch
Ashley: Ewww. You did not just say fetch. End your life
by Ashley April 1, 2005
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When a guy thinks that a girl is hot or pretty but just doesn't want to say it so he looks "cool" He likes her he just doesn't want everyone to know..
Do you like Ashley?

Jeff:She's alrite

But what Jeff really means is that he thinks Ashley's hot and he likes her
by Ashley January 14, 2004
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Towson. The pinnacle for lacrosse and all things prep. a spring day in towson is like being lost in a sea of pink, lime green, and plaid. towson is 2nd to none in the amount of private day schools in a single area. its the kind of place where it doesnt matter who throws a party, but where that person goes to high school. towson is the origin of the "field party", although you will have to go to a surrounding area to actually see a field party. The center of attention in towson is Bateman's on a monday night, and outside towson commons on a friday night, for all teenagers in their plaid shorts and popped collars. Towson is the "prep" capital of the world. Where every girl is loaded off her daddy's money, and decked out in only South Moon Under attire and Polo; nothing less will suffice. Following graduation Ocean City, Maryland becomes the new "towson" for the single most eventful, party filled, drunken, chaotic week of your life: SENIOR WEEK. Where ever you are now, and however old you are, if you ever lived here, you will forever be, a towson kid.
by Ashley April 5, 2005
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Trey Anastasio, lead singer of Phish. God to some.
Trey is the shit! Trey is God!

Trey fucking rocked my shit last night!

Did you fucking see Trey last night?!
by Ashley January 31, 2004
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