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To place any amount of fingers into a females vigina for pleasure
fingering feels so good!
by Ashley August 24, 2003
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someone who is crazy and completely insane and who likes to kill people with hatchets
by Ashley January 27, 2004
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Fooly Cooly is a anime that tells the story of a boy(Naota) who meets an alien(Haruko) and had robots come out of his head.

Fooly Cooly can also be translated into either breast fondling or butt fondling. taking this into context of the series, it probably means any fondling of a woman.
Fooly Cooly is a very weird anime.

Did you Fooly Cooly tonight?
by Ashley August 22, 2003
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The guy with crazy hair thats part of Bam Margera's crew.
Rake is definatly more rad than Bam.
by Ashley March 16, 2005
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to describe objects or things.
"I left my shwack at home."
by Ashley May 8, 2003
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The dorm life at Mount....

You got Sheridan aka Freshman Dorm. The girls are all labeled as sluts and the guys are alcholics. You know theres a party every night because of the music heard miles away.

The Terrance is where the upper-classmen live and fun 5 am fire drills occur. The place is like a maze and haunted as shit. Only the people who live there know how to get around.

The apartments is where the juniors/seniors prowl for freshman girls. Every freshman girl spends atlest one night of her life there. Its where the main party scene is

Lastly would be Pangborn. Its where mostly the god-squad lives except 3rd pang. These girls wish they got into Sheridan and are more slutty but keep their clean rep b/c they live in a wellness dorm. They think they are better because they live there but really no one likes them or Pang...
*3rd pang sluts
*terrance squad
*sheridan sluts
*apt bitches
by Ashley April 11, 2005
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