A type of affection that is very important to someone who needs it. One of the main source that keeps a living person's life balanced and meaningful. Without it, someone could die from mental issues therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT and should not be taken easy.
The person who writes this wants you to know that you are loved by everyone. Even if it's your enemy, they have at least love you once.
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What you look to be all your life, but simply too stupid to become.
The knowledge of someone loved does not exist due to human nature.

Humans are really stupid.
by an idiot December 4, 2006
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Cutest person ever like soooo cute and if I ever get a chance to date her I would definitely do it like automatic accept it she so fun to hang around with to I I will always have her held in my heart truly❤️
by Karmleaaa September 13, 2019
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Love, love, and love.

Love. A four-letter word with an infinite meaning. Human abused love they took it for granted and they interpreted it the way that suits their egos and lusts. A fact check, love is mercurial. The more we think we have finally understood love, the more we are incognizant about it. Due to this fact we can never measure love.
by UnfinishedBook April 11, 2022
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a way to tell someone you love them

and a really good song too ;)
all the love that harry styles has for us xx
Love Love Love -H
by obviouslylarry February 2, 2021
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The song by the beatles that you CANNOT get out of your head no matter how much it pisses you off.
First Guy: "Love, love, love... "

Second Guy: "AARGH! No! Its stuck in my head now you wanker!"
by Damaniac88 June 11, 2005
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A phrase meaning that the love expressed by an individual or couple is valid regardless of the sexual orientation or gender identity of their lover or partner.
Mark: Wow, why the heck are you dating that trans woman if you cannot have biological kids with her?

George: To me it doesn't matter if she is trans or cis. Love is love.
by qbox350 January 22, 2020
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