276 definition by Ashley

A bully is someone who gets kicked in the ass by karma for being such a jerk - growing up to be nothing more than a cement mixer.
Me: \"Hey, how are you, long time no see. What have you been up to?\"
Bully: \"Not much, just mixin cement.\"
Me: \"Sucks to be you, good luck with your life.\"
by Ashley April 26, 2005

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Clean shaven genitals.
Her pussy is bald and smooth.
by Ashley January 06, 2004

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Sexxiest man alive Lead singer and guitarist of the world's favorite punk band GREEN DAY(they give the best show) The American idiot pritty and demented at the same time
billie Joe= banging hotness
by Ashley March 07, 2005

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a dance commonly done in Chicago where a female rubs her azz on the males dick.
Ayo ol dude havin a juke party 2nite.
by Ashley March 15, 2004

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The extremely hott guitarist of AAR..possibly one of the most talented men ever. Has rad hair...mad rad hair.
I would like to have intercorse with Nick Wheeler.
by AShley November 08, 2003

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70's porno backgroud music
When lusting in the heat of the moment an alarming "Bow-Chicka-Bow-wow" will appear out of the blue..do not be alarmed it helps to "enlighten" the mood...can ya dig it?
by ashley October 15, 2003

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-The abbreviation of favourite. a pretty jappy slang though
omg! that is like sooo totally my FAV book liek!!! oh wayt...I cant like, read....TOTALLY!!
by ashley May 12, 2005

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