Number one nigga named chris outta hot lanta A.K.A. J Kamp
K Merdz won't bust dees hoes but iffa niggy wanta piece best wacth out fo luda.
by J Dubb March 5, 2003
A weird feeling, one that can not be explained. Neither mad or happy, just in the middle.
If your friend hangs out with the guy ur talking to. you cant be pissed about it, cause its not that big of a deal, but at the same time ur not happy about it.
by Ashley November 11, 2003
JK is a fake watch out for the "real Luda" PMON
by Anonymous March 6, 2003
A versatile slang term based on the minimalist fashion brand meaning love of the people. Also comprehension of Loyalty, Uniqueness, Desire, Appreciation.
by _dajimrtwer June 4, 2020
crazy good... or maybe crazy bad. Depends on inflection of voice.
Damn that sheeeeeit was Luda!
by VoWeL December 1, 2003
noun: As definied by the Amount Boyz and anyone in their crew, a nice ass on a female that is sexable or needs to be blazed (see blaze time)
DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN SON! *snaps neck to look at the woman's ass who just passed* She gt the MADDD LUDA!!! BLAZE TIMEEEE!!!
by Christina December 17, 2003